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Friday, February 3, 2012

Dublin Declaration (2000)

Dublin Declaration
The Convention of Elected Representatives of the Union of Burma
October 2-7 2000

We, the representatives of the Union of Burma, elected in the 27 May 1990 general elections hereby -

Express our deep appreciation to the Government and the people of Ireland for their warm hospitality and kind assistance to facilitate our convention in Dublin;

Thank all governments and peoples who have been unwavering in their support for Burma's democracy movement and the struggle of the ethnic nationalities for self-determination and equal rights;

Affirm our firm support for the National League for Democracy (NLD) and its leaders who are trying to implement the principle that the will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government as declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

Re-affirm our determination to join the NLD and the other political parties in their endeavors to establish a multi-party parliamentary democracy within the framework of a genuine federal union;

Re-affirm our strong confidence in the Committee Representing the People's Parliament and appreciate the initiative it has taken to draft a federal constitution and the work it is undertaking on behalf of all the elected representatives before the Parliament can convene;

Condemn the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) for illegally detaining the leaders of the NLD and unfairly incarcerating NLD members, other democracy activists, and politicians;

Strongly urge the SPDC to stop placing its interests above those of the nation and the people, including the officers and the rank and file in the military, and to immediately release all detained political prisoners, restore their democratic rights, and start working for national reconciliation with the leaders of the NLD and the non-Burman ethnic nationalities so as to stop the deteriorating socioeconomic and political conditions in the country;

Applaud the efforts of the United Nations Secretary-General in his endeavor to seek a peaceful solution to the political problems in Burma, including the appointment of Mr. Razali Ismail as the UN Special Envoy to Burma;

Thank the Governments and political leaders who have expressed their concerns regarding the restrictions imposed by the SPDC against the NLD leaders and for its violation of human rights in Burma;

Call on the European Union to strengthen its common position on Burma given the deteriorating situation and to continue closely monitoring the situation in Burma and to take appropriate action to dissuade the SPDC from following through with its plan to eliminate the NLD;

Appreciate the Government and the Congress of the United States for championing Burma's cause for democracy and urge the United States to strengthen its current policy of political and economic sanctions against the SPDC and to step up diplomatic initiatives aimed at expanding multinational action to bring about democratic change in Burma;

Appreciate the Royal Thai Government for advocating efforts to bring a peaceful end to the political problems in Burma and urge ASEAN as a whole to initiate steps to stop the injustices being committed by the SPDC against the NLD--a party chosen by the people to lead the country;

Applaud the International Labor Organization for its efforts to deter the SPDC from conscripting the people as forced labor to implement infrastructure projects and to make them carry military supplies and serve as "human minesweepers" in frontline areas;

Welcome the dawn of democracy in Yugoslavia and the victory of the Yugoslav people who through their display of tremendous courage ensured that their will expressed through the ballot box is honored.

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