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Friday, February 3, 2012

Members of Parliament of 1990 Election (May 2007)

Situation Update of Members of Parliament in Burma

Members of Parliament. Click Here to Browse the Album (Updated on 27th May, 2007)

In the contemporary history of Burma, the 1990 General Elections have been recognized as a significant landmark. After 26 years of military dictatorship, the people of Burma got an opportunity to vote for a government of their choice. It was one of the free and fair elections that had taken place in the South-East Asia region at that decade.

But unfortunately, the election-results were not honored by the military regime. While pronouncing it has been going for democratic reforms, the junta has been launching a major offensive upon the opposition NLD since the 1990 elections result materialized. Afterwards, by fair means or foul, the junta's has repeatedly targeted to do away with the people's mandate that was given to the NLD in the 1990 General Elections.

On 30 April 2007, a seminar on Burma held on the sideline of the 116th Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Bali, Indonesia, had IPU delegates openly acknowledge that the Myanmar military junta’s misrule has a negative spill-over effect on the region and its stability. The Speaker of the Parliament of Indonesia, Agung Laksono, speaking at the seminar titled ‘Military Rule in Burma, Its Effects on the International Community and ASEAN’ said that all Parliamentarians have a genuine and unique role in encouraging the restoration of civil, political and democratic rights of the Burmese people.

“It is very clear that our destinies as neighbouring countries are to seriously address Myanmar’s deteriorating crises without delay,” said Agung, at the seminar jointly organized by the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus (AIPMC) and the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB). Presenters at the seminar, held at the Bali International Convention Centre (BICC), the official IPU venue, also encouraged Indonesia and ASEAN to support a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution on Burma.

ASEAN Inter Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus (AIPMC) calls on the military junta to cooperate with ASEAN and the international community to bring about changes and democratic reforms in the country through political dialogue with the NLD and ethnic leaders. The caucus repeatedly calls on unconditional release of all political prisoners in Burma, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, ethnic leaders and elected MPs.

Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) also urges the military authorities of Burma to release all MPs-elect still in detention immediately and unconditionally, and to guarantee their physical integrity and respect for their right to freedom of expression, assembly and association as their duty commands.

Currently, situation of Members of Parliament in Burma can be observed through the following abstract summary.

Abstract Summary of MPs' Situation

State & Division



Remain in Prison


House Arrest







Arakan 26/9 1/0 0/0 1/1 6/4 2/0
Chin 13/4 0/0 0/0 3/0 4/4 1/0
Irrawaddy 15/48 0/0 0/0 3/2 19/18 8/7
Kachin 19/14 1/1 0/0 1/1 5/3 7/5
Karen 14/10 0/0 0/0 1/0 8/7 3/1
Kayah 8/4 0/0 0/0 1/1 3/3 1/1
Magwe 39/39 0/0 0/0 1/1 17/17 6/6
Mandalay 56/55 1/1 0/0 5/4 25/24 15/15
Mon 20/16 0/0 0/0 1/1 8/7 2/1
Pegu 51/47 2/2 0/0 4/3 21/20 10/10
Rangoon 61/59 4/4 0/0 2/2 26/25 18/18
Sagaing 58/52 2/2 0/0 4/4 24/22 12/11
Shan 56/22 2/1 0/0 3/0 12/11 8/4
Tenassarim 13/13 0/0 0/0 0/0 4/4 3/3
Total/NLD 485/392 12/10 0/0 32/20 182/169 97/83

Description of the above ''Table''

Parliamentarians who passed away in custody:
1. Tin Maung Win, NLD MP, Kha-yan Constituency (1), Rangoon Division, passed away on 18 January 1991.
2. Hla Than, NLD MP, Coco Islands Constituency, Rangoon Division, died on 2 August 1996.
3. Saw Win (a.k.a) Kyaw Zaw Lin, NLD MP, Htee Lin Constituency, Magwe Division, died on 7 August 1998.

Parliamentarians who passed away soon after their release:
1. Kyaw Min, NLD MP, Bassein West Constituency (2), Irrawaddy Division, passed away on 1 July 1999.
2. San San Win (F), NLD MP, Ahlon Constituency, Rangoon Division, passed away in 2000.
3. Hla Maung POCL MP & CRPP Member, Kya-in-seik-kyi Constituency, Karen State, passed away on 27 Nov. 2003.

Parliamentarians who were assassinated:
1. Win Ko, exiled NLD MP, Ye Oo Constituency (2), Sagaing Division, was assassinated in Kumming, China, on 1 November 1992.
2. Hla Pe, exiled NLD MP, Pyaw Bwe Constituency (2), Mandalay Division, was assassinated outside Bangkok, Thailand, on 16 June 1993.

Parliamentarians who remain in prison:
• Although international community calls for releasing all political prisoners immediately and unconditionally, the military regime has still kept on detaining 12 MPs in its notorious prisons as yet.
• Out of 12 MPs in prison, 10 belong to the NLD.
• Please find the details of 12 imprisoned MPs in the following table as of 27th May 2007.

12 Members of Parliament who remain in Prison

No Name State/Division Constituency Party Date of Arrest Prison Remark
1 Zaw Myint Maung, Dr. Mandalay Amarapura-1 NLD 00-11-1990 Myitkyina 37 Years
2 Khin Maung Swe Rangoon Sanchaung NLD 05-08-1994 Myingyan 7 Years
3 Than Nyein, Dr. Rangoon Kyauktan-1 NLD 28-10-1997 Pyay 8 Years
4 May Win Myint (F), Dr. Rangoon Mayangone-2 NLD 28-10-1997 Insein 7 1/2 Years
5 Naing Naing Rangoon Pazundaung NLD 00-08-2000 Insein 21 Years
6 Aung Soe Myint Pegu Taungoo-1 NLD 31-08-2003 Thayet 7 Years
7 Khun Tun Oo Shan Thibaw-1 SNLD 09-02-2005 Rangoon 93 Years
8 Kyaw Khin Shan Taunggyi-1 NLD 25-02-2005 Taunggyi 14 Years
9 Kyaw Min Arakan Butheetaung-1 NDPHR 17-03-2005 Rangoon 47 Years
10 Kyaw San Sagaing Tantse NLD 17-03-2005 Rangoon 7 Years
11 Saw Hlaing Sagaing Inndaw NLD 30-03-2005 Katha 12 Years
12 Khin Maung Win Pegu Oaktwin-2 NLD 31-03-2006 Insein Detention

Notable Notes:

(1) Khun Htun Oo, chairman of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), was detained on 9 Feb. 2005 together with 7 other Shan leaders. The election winning SNLD party opposed the SPDC's National Convention while other Shan ceasefire groups are attending the convention. Khun Htun Oo was sentenced to 93 years imprisonment on 3 November 2005.

(2) Although Dr May Win Myint (F) was put into prison since 28 October 1997 and finished serving her 7½ years prison term in 2004, but was given another one year additional sentence under Act 10A on 31 January 2007. It was the sixth time the junta sentenced her under Act 10A. She has been suffering from eye, blood and heart diseases, and she has to be taken to the hospital monthly for medical check-ups. On 12 April, she was taken to the Rangoon General Hospital, for the treatments of the worsening throat diseases she has been enduring, according to her family.

(3) Dr Than Nyein was given another one year additional sentence under Act 10A on 18 January 2007. It was the sixth time the junta sentenced him under Act 10A. According to his wife Daw Khin Aye, Dr. Than Nyein who is being detained in Prome (Pyay) prison, has been suffering from cancerous prostate and liver diseases. The prison authorities do not allow Dr. Than Nyein to meet specialist physicians for his prostate and liver complaints for nearly 3 years. He has put into prison for 7-year term on 28 October 1997 and already finished it since 2004.

(4) U Kyaw San, National League for Democracy (NLD) chairman of Sagaing Division and the elected representative (MP) of Tant-se Township, has been detained since 17 March 2005 in Insein Prison. He was sentenced to seven years in prison on 6 June for allegedly keeping illegal goods belonging to Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) which signed ceasefire agreements with the ruling junta. Although DKBA leader Col Saw Chit Thu, in a letter to the court, testified that the goods had nothing involved with Kyaw San, the judge did not take into account. As a 75-year old person, his health situation is poor. Moreover, this is his second time in jail.

(5) U Kyaw Min, the elected MP from National Democratic Party for Human Rights (NDPHR) and a member of the CRPP, was detained on 17 March 2005, A statement was released by CRPP on last Union Day, in which U Kyaw Min took in active part. Besides, he met with ILO delegation, which visited Burma on 21st to 23rd of February 2005. He was sentenced to 47 years imprisonment on 29 July 2005. His wife, two daughters and a son were also sentenced to 17 years respectively.

(6) U Kyaw Khin was rearrested because he shared a list of awards won by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from the international community, to a school girl who wants to know about her. In 1996, he was arrested for urging the military junta to sit at the dialogue table together with the NLD leaders and sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was released from Thayet prison on 3 January, 2005. He was rearrested on 25 February 2005 and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment.
(7) Although U Saw Hlaing was arrested for his active political role, he was charged with keeping broken “unlicensed” computers according to his family. He was arrested on 30 March 2005 and sentenced 14 years in prison on 26 May 2005 accusing him of breaking Publication Act 16 & 20 at the Kathar District Court. U Saw Hlaing was not allowed to see a lawyer during trial.

(8) Dr. Zaw Myint Maung, elected representative of Mandalay Division – Amarapura Constituency, has been serving a lengthy jail term at Myinkyina Prison, is said to be quite ill. Zaw Myint Maung has been suffering from severe indigestion and unable to eat properly, according to his wife Dr. Yu Yu May who went to see him at the prison recently in remote northern Burma. He has been in junta’s jail since November 1990.

32 Members of Parliament in Exile

No Name Constituency State/Division Party Currently In
1 Sein Win, Dr. Paukkaung Pegu PND USA
2 Bo Hla-Tint Mogok-2 Mandalay NLD USA
3 Mya Win Ingabu-1 Irrawaddy NLD USA
4 Tun Oo Kyauk-gyi Pegu NLD USA
5 Zaelah Thang, Dr. Falam Chin CNLD USA
6 Peter Lim Bin Pyin-Oo-Lwin Mandalay Independent USA
7 Lian Uk Haka Chin Independent USA
8 Maung Maung Latt-1 Bilin-1 Mon NLD USA
9 Sai Win Pay Mong Hsu Shan SNLD USA
10 Khin Kyaw Han Yenangchaung-2 Magwe NLD USA
11 Oo Tha Noe Rathedaung Arakan ALD India
12 Than Sein Pale-1 Sagaing NLD India
13 Thang Lian Pau Tonzang Chin ZNC India
14 Tint Swe, Dr. Pale-2 Sagaing NLD India
15 Teddy Buri Loikaw-2 Kayah NLD Australia
16 Thein Oo Mandalay SW-2 Mandalay NLD Thailand
17 Bo Thaung Yinmabin-1 Sagaing NLD Norway
18 Maung Maung Aye Mandalay NE-1 Mandalay NLD Australia
19 Khun Marko Ban Pekon Shan DOKNU Thailand
20 Sann Aung Ingabu-2 Irrawaddy Independent Thailand
21 Duwa Zaw Aung Waimaw Kachin NLD USA
22 San San (Female) Seikkan Rangoon NLD Thailand
23 Kyaw Thwin Kayan-1 Rangoon NLD Norway
24 Myo Win, Dr. Kawa-1 Pegu NLD Thailand
25 Tin Tun Aung Yinmarbin-2 Sagaing NLD Thailand
26 Chit Tun Min Hla Magwe NLD Thailand
27 Saw Tarutu Pha Saung Kayah NUP Thailand
28 Daniel Aung Mong Ping Shan LNDP Australia
29 Tin Tut Einme-1 Irrawaddy NLD Australia
30 Hla Oo Kyauktaga Pegu NLD Thailand
31 Naing Thaung Shein Kawkareik-2 Karen MNDF Netherlands
32 Win Hlaing Takon-2 Mandalay NLD Thailand

Total MPs in exile = 32 (as of 27th May 2007)
Remark: There may be some MPs who came out of the country holding passports issued by the military authorities as they agreed to stay away from anti-junta politics. They visited foreign countries in order to do business or to take medical treatment there. They never declared themselves as dissidents or exile MPs against the SPDC.
╬ Win Hlaing is the latest MP in exile, who escaped from Rangoon to Thailand in February, 2007. He spent over 8 years in junta’s notorious prison from October 1990 to January 1999.

15 Lady MPs of Burma

No Name State/Division Constituency Party Remark
1 Sein Tin Kachin Shwegu NLD Deceased
2 Nan Khin Htwe Myint Karen Paan-3 NLD Detained, Released
3 May Hnin Kyi Mandalay Mogok-1 NLD Detained, Released
4 Ohn Kyi Mandalay Myittha-1 NLD Dismissed as MP
5 Khin Htway Kywe Mon Chaungsone-2 NLD
6 Tin Saw Oo Mon Mudon-1 NLD Deceased
7 Hla Hla Moe Pegu Minhla-1 NLD
8 San San Win Rangoon Alon NLD Deceased
9 San San Rangoon Seik Kan NLD Exile in Thailand
10 May Win Myint, Dr. Rangoon Mayangone-2 NLD Imprisoned
11 San May Rangoon Taikkyi-2 NLD Dismissed as MP
12 Khin Aye Myint Rangoon Yankin NLD
13 Hse Hse Sagaing Khamti NLD
14 Khin San Hlaing Sagaing Wetlet-2 NLD Dismissed as MP
15 May Phyo Shan Namtu NLD Deceased

97 MPs Who Passed Away

No Name Constituency State/Division Party Date of Death
1 Fahul Ahmed Maungdaw-2 Arakan NDPHR 08-07-1992
2 Aung Hla Zan Marauk-2 Arakan ALD 30-07-1993
3 Tin Hla Mawlamyainggyun-2 Irrawaddy NLD
4 Hla Myint Thabaung-1 Irrawaddy NLD
5 Si Maung Laymyatna-1 Irrawaddy NLD 30-01-1991
6 Kyi Win, Rtd. Col. Zalun-2 Irrawaddy NLD 11-10-1995
7 Tin Aung Wakema-1 Irrawaddy NLD 1998
8 Kyaw Min Bassein West-2 Irrawaddy NLD 01-07-1999
9 Myint Thein Myanaung Irrawaddy NLD 05-03-2004
10 Thet Wai, Rtd. Col Wa-ke-ma-2 Irrawaddy NUP
11 Sein Tin (F) Shwegun Kachin NLD
12 N. Wam Khan Zau Tawng Tanai Kachin NLD
13 Mya Maung Myitkyina-1 Kachin NLD 16-06-1990
14 Oo Byit Tu Myitkyina-2 Kachin KSNCD 19-05-1998
15 JM Naula Mansi Kachin NLD 21-05-1999
16 Zaw Ein Sumprabun Kachin KSNCD 06-01-2004
17 Tin Myint Karmaing Kachin NLD
18 Saw Tun Pe Hlaingbwe-1 Karen KSNO
19 Saw Tun Lwin Hlaingbwe-2 Karen NLD 10-12-2000
20 Aung Than Papun-1 Karen NLD 00-02-2002
21 Hla Maung, Ex. Lt. Col. Kyainn-seik-kyi-1 Karen POCL, CRPP 27-11-2003
22 Nyunt Sein, Dr. Chauk-2 Magwe NLD 1996
23 Saw Win (Kyaw Zaw Lwin) Htilin Magwe NLD 07-08-1998
24 Aant Kyi Sedoktara Magwe NLD 2000
25 Aung Htoo Gangaw Magwe NLD 26-02-2004
26 Khin Maung Kyi Pauk-1 Magwe NLD 02-01-2005
27 Hla Saw Oo PyinOoLwin-1 Mandalay NLD 29-06-1998
28 Tin Oo Mandalay NE-2 Mandalay NLD
29 Pe Tin Nyaung U-2 Mandalay NLD
30 Than Ni Tada-U-2 Mandalay NLD
31 Cho Nyaung-U-1 Mandalay NLD
32 Ayar Tada-U-1 Mandalay NLD
33 Aung Soe Mandalay NW-2 Mandalay NLD
34 Chit Khaing Thaung Tha-1 Mandalay NLD 01-09-1991
35 Maw Thabeikkyin Mandalay NLD 05-07-1991
36 Hla Pe Pyawbwe-2 Mandalay NLD 16-06-1993**
37 Ba Bwa Amarapura-2 Mandalay NLD 1994
38 Aung Wai, Dr. Madaya-1 Mandalay NLD 07-03-2002
39 Maung Maung Myint Meiktila-1 Mandalay NLD 22-03-2003
40 Maung Maung Myint Yamethin-1 Mandalay NLD
41 Tint Lwin Pyinmana-1 Mandalay NLD
42 C K Taikwe Phalem-1 Chin CNLD
43 Tin Saw Oo (Female) Mudon-1 Mon NLD 14-03-1997
44 Nai Khin Maung Kyaikmayaw-2 Mon MNDF 29-09-2002
45 Hla Aung Monyo-1 Pegu NLD
46 Tun Shwe Monyo-2 Pegu NLD
47 Aye Thegon-1 Pegu NLD
48 Tha Maung Oakpo-2 Pegu NLD
49 Maung Maung Gyi Kyauktaga-2 Pegu NLD 08-02-1991
50 Sein Tun Daik-U-2 Pegu NLD 03-05-1992
51 Mya Lay Kawa-2 Pegu NLD 15-07-1995
52 San Tin Zigon Pegu NLD 15-04-2002
53 San Win Thayawaddy-1 Pegu NLD 22-10-2003
54 Thaung Sein Pyi-2 Pegu NLD 2006
55 Hla Tun Taikkyi-1 Rangoon NLD
56 Saw Mya Thein Hlaing-2 Rangoon NLD
57 Than Kywe Hlaingthaya Rangoon NLD
58 Myint Thein Thingangyun-2 Rangoon NLD
59 Tin Maung Win Kayan-2 Rangoon NLD 18-01-1991*
60 Hla Than Coco Island Rangoon NLD 02-08-1996*
61 Than Win Tanyin-2 Rangoon NLD 1998
62 Tin Ko Ko, Rtd. Col. Htantabin Rangoon NLD 30-05-1999
63 San San Win (Female) Alon Rangoon NLD 07-06-2000
64 Sein Win Dala Rangoon NLD 23-08-2001
65 Ne Oo Lanmadaw Rangoon NLD 28-11-2001
66 Maung Shwe Hlaing-1 Rangoon NLD 04-12-2001
67 Ohn Myint Thakayta-2 Rangoon NLD 2002
68 Tun Ohn Dagonmyothit Rangoon NLD 18-07-2003
69 Wun (Min Thu Wun) Kamaryut Rangoon NLD 15-08-2004
70 Kyi Maung Bahan-2 Rangoon NLD 19-08-2004
71 Saw Kyaw Sein Hlekoo-1 Rangoon NLD 07-11-2004
72 Aung Zaw Dagon Rangoon NLD 18-11-2005
73 Sein Yan Salingyi-2 Sagaing NLD
74 Aung Thaung Phaungpyin Sagaing NLD
75 Khapo Kailon Lahe Sagaing NHRPP
76 Soe Thein (Ex Col.) Sagaing-1 Sagaing NLD
77 Ba Nyein Banmauk Sagaing NLD 05-09-1992
78 Khin Maung Aye Budalin-2 Sagaing NLD 05-09-1992
79 Win Ko Ye-U-1 Sagaing NLD 01-11-1992**
80 Arnt Kyi Chaung-U Sagaing NLD 00-03-2002
81 Tin Maung Kalewa Sagaing NLD 00-03-2002
82 Bo Mingin Sagaing NLD 16-07-2003
83 Kyi Soe (Ex. Lt. Col.) Monywa-1 Sagaing NLD 29-07-2004
84 Dr. Thein Win Kalay-2 Sagaing NLD 15-03-2006
85 Aung Than Pindaya Shan NLD
86 Khun Sai Kutkai-1 Shan NLD
87 Sao Tha Tint Pinlaung-2 Shan SNLD 26-09-1990
88 Sai Kyaw Sein Mongton Shan SNLD 19-04-1991
89 Tun Tin Kehsi Shan SNLD 07-09-1992
90 Ohn Maung, Dr. Mongmit Shan NLD 11-10-1994
91 May Phyo (Female) Namtu Shan NLD 04-11-2002
92 Sai Thar Aye Namkham Shan SNLD 22-02-2005
93 Khin Maung Oo Kyunsu Tenasserim NLD
94 Soe Nyunt Tavoy-1 Tenasserim NLD 10-01-1991
95 HLa Pe Laung Laun-1 Tenasserim NLD 22-01-2005
96 Tun Win Mindon Magwe NLD 31-12-2006
97 Kyin Thein Kyainn-seik-kyi-2 Karen NLD 24-05-2007


CNLD = Chin National League for Democracy
CRPP = Committee Representing the People's Parliament
DOKNU = Democratic Organization for Kayan National Unity
KSNCD = Kachin State National Congress for Democracy
KSNO = Karen State National Organization
LNDP = Lahu National Development Party
MNDF = Mon National Democratic Front
NDPHR = National Democratic Party for Human Rights
NHRPP = Naga Hills Regional Progressive Party
NLD = National League for Democracy
NUP = National Unity Party (Former BSPP)
PND = Party for National Democracy
POCL = Patriotic Old Comrades League
SNLD = Shan Nationalities League for Democracy
SSKDP = Shan State Kokang Democratic Party
UNLD = United Nationalities League for Democracy
ZNC = Zomi National Congress

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