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Friday, February 3, 2012

Members of Parliament Union - Burma (MPU)

The Members of Parliament Union - Burma (MPU) was formed on 15 June 1996 with representatives elected in the 27 May 1990 elections. It was constitutionally formalized on 4 October 2000 in Dublin, Ireland. The parliamentary representatives who formed the MPU left Burma with a mandate to form a provisional government in exile and to continue the struggle for the restoration of democracy and human rights.

The MPU Congress is the highest decision-making body serves as a Parliament which decides policies and direction that the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB) will take in the next four years.

The Congress elects the new prime minister of the NCGUB and the leadership of the MPU and confirms the appointment of the new NCGUB Cabinet nominated by the new prime minister.

Only elected representatives who are registered as members of the MPU are permitted to attend the Congress.

The MPU focuses its efforts on raising international awareness on Burma and to garner the support of parliaments, parliamentary institutions, political parties, and political institutions for the democracy movement inside and outside Burma. Like the NCGUB, it works within the framework of the policies declared by the National League for Democracy and the Committee Representing People's Parliament (CRPP) , which is established by the National League for Democracy and political parties of non-Burman ethnic nationalities to work on behalf of the Parliament before it can be convened.

The current members of the MPU are:

No Name Constituency State/Division Party
1 Daw San San Seikkan Rangoon NLD
2 Dr. Sein Win Paukkaung Pegu PND
3 Dr. Sann Aung Ingabu-2 Irrawaddy Ind.
4 Dr. Tint Swe Pale-2 Sagaing NLD
5 Dr. Zalei Thang Falam Chin CNLD
6 Duwa Zaw Aung Waingmaw Kachin NLD
7 Khon Markoban Pekon Shan DOKNU
8 Khun Myint Tun Thaton Mon NLD
9 Khun Teddy Buri Loikaw-2 Kayah NLD
10 Naing Thaung Shein Kawkareik Karen MNDF
11 Pu Thang Lian Pau Tongzang Chin ZNC
12 Sai Win Pay Mong Hsu Shan SNLD
13 U Bo Hla-Tint Mogok-2 Mandalay NLD
14 U Bo Thaung Yinmabin-1 Sagaing NLD
15 U Chit Tin Minhla Magwe NLD
16 U Daniel Aung Mong Ping Shan LNDP
17 U Hla Oo Kyauktaga Pegu NLD
18 U Khin Kyaw Han Yenangyaung-2 Magwe NLD
19 U Kyaw Thwin Kayan-1 Rangoon NLD
20 U Lian Uk Haka Chin Ind.
22 U Maung Mg Aye Mandalay NE-1 Mandalay NLD
23 U Maung Mg Latt Bilin-1 Mon NLD
24 U Mya Win Ingabu-1 Irrawaddy NLD
25 U Peter Limbin Pyin Oo Lwin Mandalay Ind.
26 U Saw Tar Rutu Pasawng Kayah NUP
27 U Than Sein Pale-1 Sagaing NLD
28 U Tha Noe Rathedaung Arakan ALD
29 U Thein Oo Mandalay SW-2 Mandalay NLD
30 U Tin Tun Aung Yinmabin-2 Sagaing NLD
31 U Tin Tut Einme-1 Irrawaddy NLD
32 U Tun Win Minbya Arakan ALD
33 U Win Hlaing Tatkon-2 Mandalay NLD

ALD Arakan League for Democracy

CNLD Chin National League for Democracy

DOKNU Democratic Organization for Kayan National Unity

LNDP Lahu National Democratic Party

MNDF Mon National Democratic Front

NLD National League for Democracy

NUP National Unity Party

PND Party for National Democracy

SNLD Shan Nationalities League for Democracy

ZNC Zomi National Congress


President Khon Teddy Buri

Vice President Daw San San

Secretary U Thein Oo

Joint Secretary U Maung Maung Aye

Member Naing Thaung Shein

Member U Aung Tun Sein

Member U Hla Oo

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